WonderWorks and Ripleys in Orlando

We had spent out first day on vacation at the beach, so for day two it was time for something different. We decided to spend the day on International drive exploring both WonderWorks and Ripleys in Orlando. They are only a few blocks apart (maybe not even that far) so we were able to easily spend time at both in one day – plus the walk between them was really pretty. We went to WonderWorks first. It is easy to spot since the building is upside down. 


I was equal parts pleased and bummed to see how busy the place was for a Monday in the summer. Pleased because it means a lot of people are learning from a hands on science place and bummed because it meant lines and difficulty getting time using any of the items. We still made the best of it though and had a fun time. One of the first stops coming in from the heat of outside was to see how hot you are. 


Not too bad. 

Shortly after, Erica had fun playing with a bubble wall. 


While Max was busy putting himself into a bubble. 


There was a giant imprint wall that was impossible to get photos of, and also a giant Light Bright.


Clearly this place is for mature adults right?

After we posed as astronauts 


we went on the virtual roller coaster. Which looked really fun in theory, and it was fun, but it also kind of gave us a headache from all the intense shaking and going upside down.


We needed a little break after that, and luckily that ride is right at the end everything that you can do in the exhibits. So we got a water and then we headed off so that we could take a look at the ropes course.


Having conquered WonderWorks we headed off to Ripley’s. The building looks similar to WonderWorks although instead of upside down it is crooked. This is more of a museum and a bit less interactive, but I would say that I enjoyed Ripley’s more. I found it a good mix of interesting and fun. 

20160627_162234  20160627_162315

We took a good look at the world’s largest and smallest items, and played along on the app scavenger hunt. 


20160627_173146   20160627_172757

We always like being able to not take ourselves too seriously and there was ample time to both have fun and to also take in all that there was to be interested in. 



Already off to a unique trip, and this is just the beginning. 





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