buy clomid mastercard Well 2015 has been one heck of a year. This poor blog has suffered a bit, we have been too busy doing things to really talk about them. I have a list, a timeline and it is in my plan to get it all written up. So what’s the hold up? Well it seems that I miss being so busy. Max and I could not wait to stop for a minute, to take a breather from going somewhere for a change. Yet, now we’re taking that breather and I am…..bored? My normal routine is not as fulfilling as I has hoped, and being un-fulfilled is making it difficult to be creative or to do the things that I should be doing. So it seems that I have fallen into a bit of a rut.

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So I am working on it. We have created a new game of life to make sure that we keep on track with both the things we want to do and what we need to do.WIN_20151204_172609

Finding a balance is not as fun as it sounds, Surprise right? With the addition of our WANDER game we are hoping to make that balance a bot more fun. If we do something not necessarily fun we will still get points towards leveling up which is fun. So it adds an element of incentive to normal every day life. Within this game we still prioritize new experiences and travel but we also need to prioritize household building, blog building, community building, being healthy etc. We have a “quest book” with different life tasks and an allocation of points for each task.

With the allocation of points for every day tasks we let ourselves choose what we want our specific “specialties” to be. So house chores and cleaning gets us “Drudge” or “Accuracy” points. These abilities level up separately and add into our overall level up points.  










So this is our new way of trying to keep track of the things that we are (or are not) doing and trying to keep up with daily life while still exploring and trying new things. We tend to get a bit off balance and only focus on one or the other, either travel and explore so much that our home life suffers or we focus on home life so much that I get restless and depressed with my life. So here is to hoping that keeping better track and making everything fun will help with balance.

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