Visit to Orlando, FL

It had been a long time since I have been back to Florida. So this visit to Orlando was long overdue. After a long but smooth and easy day of flying we were ready to see all the sights. 


We had to spend the first day at the beach. Arizona makes us more than a little ocean deprived. However, I do not last the best in the heat and sun so we went to a beach that has a pier with food and drinks to give me the option to get out of the sun when I need to. 


The waves were pretty large, so we had a good time jumping over the waves and trying to stay on our feet while also trying to not get taken out by surfers. Pretty tiring afternoon. When we had our fill of the sun we headed up to the pier for dinner. We even tried some fried alligator – which was surprisingly pretty good!!!


The next day we spent at Wonderworks and Ripley’s which will be a post all of it’s own. That night we had a chance to go on the Orlando Eye. We had walked by it earlier that day so we got to see how big it really is, so we really could appreciate the view when we got to go on it. 

20160627_154821  20160627_205333

The ride goes very slow, it takes close to 20 minutes so you barely even notice that you got to the top until you notice the view. We got lucky and hit the top right at 9pm and so in the far distance we also got to see the fireworks going up from all the Disney parks. 


The next morning we visited the memorials at Pulse, and I have no words to describe that experience. I cried almost the whole time. Many of the items that have been laid out are going to be preserved in a nearby museum so that people can continue to visit. 


I spent the rest of the day in kind of an emotionally drained haze. I know that we went to lunch at a neat looking graffiti restaurant down town nearby and all I remember is that the nachos are huge, and really delicious. 


The following few days we spent at Universal and Epcot, but we did so much at each that they will need a post each. So check those out as well. 

In the evening we went to the Orlando Ice Bar. I have always wanted to go to an Ice Bar, and somehow have never made it happen so I was very excited. It is a bit expensive to get in, and the bar is smaller than I had hoped or expected but I still had a great time.

20160701_221121  20160701_221030

The fire lounge that is attached is just a regular bar, and does not have any fire so don’t expect a duel elements experience. The featured drinks that they have are fun to look at but they are not as fun to drink. Not the best tasting drink, but pretty fun to hold for a while. 


We did so many other things and had such a great trip. The Dave & Buster’s on International Drive is a lot of fun, and we had great Sushi near there as well that had a woman playing electric harp out front. For a fast breakfast one morning we stopped at the largest McDonald’s in the world, and while I found it a bit overwhelming it was an interesting one time experience. 


So many really unique things to see and do we will have to make another visit soon. Thanks for the great vacation Orlando!


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