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Town on the edge

What is a Town on the edge? I am always nervous when recommending Jerome, because it seems that there is not much here. Jerome is a blink and you missed it small town, but with a closer look and an open mind this is actually a really neat place to visit.

You probably will not need more than a few hours to spend here, so I typically will head down in the later afternoon or early morning to avoid the hotter parts of the day.

Jerome is an old mining town and the buildings and houses all sit precariously on the edge of the mountain. Jerome has great views but is not for someone who is opposed to a lot of walking, there are hills and stairs everywhere. The entire time you are perched on the side of a mountain, don’t look out some of the windows if your afraid of heights!! I like Jerome for the landscape views and for the haunted history, the Asylum hotel is still on my to do list as a place to stay overnight (so far I have only managed day trips out there) and you can take a number of tours that showcase the haunted aspects of the town. Continue reading Town on the edge