Splatter Date!

Finally getting settled into living in a bigger city, and we are starting to branch out and find unique things to do. Just recently I found a really unique DIY shop where you can go and they will provide guidance and the materials to make just about any type of craft. This time was a fun date night, so rather than sit and make separate things we opted for the Jackson Pollock splatter date. What a good choice for a fun and light hearted date. 

When you first walk in the shop is a very cute and inviting. It is very low key, and no one is hovering or trying to get you to do any specific craft. 

For the splatter date we were shown to an area towards the back. You are given large white jumpers to wear over your clothing so don’t worry about getting paint all over a favorite outfit. Along with the jumper there are little booties that you can either wear over your shows or barefoot. I recommend barefoot as they get stuck on the wet paint from time to time and slip down, and it is easier to get paint off your foot than off a shoe. Lastly is a pair of goggles to complete the ensemble. 

Once inside you set up your canvas, (or multiple smaller canvases) and to the side is about ten different colors of paint with brushes. There is also the option to use tape and scissors, so you can mark spots that you want to keep paint off of, or just get started with the painting.

Then it is time to have at it! We tossed large globs of paint on the canvas, used little splatters of paint by gently tapping the brush and even put the canvas on the floor and tossed paint onto it. 

We had put some tape on the canvas before we got started To keep a balance between keeping a shape and not having too many clean lines we cut the tape so it would be rounded at the edges. Then it was all about trying to make sure that we alternated colors and no one color go too drowned out or buried. In the end we had made a total mess, and had a great time. 

Since this was the date experience, when we were finished we got to go sit at the bar and were given some champagne and a cheese plate. While we relaxed the attendant pulled off the tape under the paint for us so that it would not mess up the picture when it was dry. I had put a drop cloth in the car to transport the canvas home (this was not provided, I had my own) and we were told that our masterpiece would take about 24hours to dry. The store will let you leave the canvas to dry and come back later, but we wanted to bring our creation home right away! 

We had a really great time, and definitely want to go back for more crafts, and maybe even some more splatter fun!

Our finished painting now hangs above our fireplace. It definitely turned out pretty nice. 

For any interested readers you can check out the website for your own DIY date.   PINSPIRATION SPLATTER.

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