SPLAT Phoenix Comic con 2016

I had been lost since Burning Man and missed several cool trips, but finally I managed to make it out of the closet and back into action. My first stop was a not so quick rinse in the hotel sink, playa dust just does not come off very easily. Got to admire the view from our 24th story room while drying off too!


Then I was fastened to the front of a bag  (FRONT. Really where else does the most important mascot belong?) and off on an adventure!

First stop at con is to get your event badge, lucky for us it was early on Thursday (the first day) so it was quick and easy with no line.

Adventures of SPLAT phoenix comic con

Heading down into the exhibitor hall, I could not believe the crowds already, I knew that I was going to meet so many fun characters!


The hall did not open until 4pm on the first day, so I did not have time to really explore yet. I got to meet a few characters back in my room, and admired all of the amazing cos play that I saw around me. Suddenly I felt more than a bit under dressed.

20160602_113753         20160602_114833

I was determined to start off the next day by fitting in just a bit better so I got myself a nerd themed collar. (Ok, so maybe it was the bracelet that Erica was wearing, but I needed it more than she did. Plus let’s admit that I look great in it!)


We had a late start to the exhibitor hall, but spent the entire day walking around. Artists alley had such beautiful handcrafted items, and such friendly people. Plus, I finally found a cos play all of my own that I really loved. STEAMPUNK! Every item was in Artist alley and benefits the amazing creativity of the artist that made it.

20160603_165717   20160603_165652

Finally dressed appropriately I was ready to meet some more unique and iconic characters.

20160604_17444720160603_170115 20160604_174416  After lunch I made my first visit up to the 3rd floor, where the Hero’s hall is. I was not meeting any of the listed celebrity guests this year, but I did want to explore all of the set’s and locations that get set up. I explored some beautiful places, but then almost got attacked by a Kraken behind me. I decided I should come back tomorrow after I learn to drive a boat or maybe find a way to defend myself.

20160604_161403 20160604_172704 20160604_161339

I spent most of the next day again walking around the event, this time I spent time around all of the vendor booth’s, and less time in Artist’s alley. By the end of the day I had finally found a sword and a new outfit. YES! Now  I would be ready to make another visit up the hero’s hall. Look out Kraken and any other villain I meet!


I started the day with some light reading. When I made it back up to hero’s hall I made sure that even with my new sword I learned how to pilot both a boat and a space ship, Just in case.

20160605_151108 20160605_160457 20160605_160340

Feeling more confident I explored some more beautiful places, and made sure that I left no corner of the hall un-visited. Good thing they don’t ask for creatures I.D. since I am not even sure if I can be in a bar yet!

20160605_154039 20160605_154102 20160605_155453

Not too far into the day I was very glad that I had come prepared. Con is a dangerous place!

20160605_155616 20160605_1558032

Phew! After all that exploring and fighting I was beat. So we headed home. Not bad for my second trip. Can’t wait to see where else I end up.


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