SPLAT Hanging out at Home

We are between trips for a little over two weeks, and I have been a bit restless. So today I decided to do something about it. It’s entirely possible that I got up to some mischief and may have caused some trouble, but hey, I had fun.

Technically I am not supposed to drive my tank in the house, but I thought I had things well under control… that is until I crashed into the dog bed. Oops, at least no one was sleeping on it at the time. Time to abandon the scene and find a new way to get around.

20160612_132005 20160612_132020

Success!! Now if only she would listen to me instead of going wherever she wants. Not quite as effective as I had hoped. Plus she looks like she want to eat me. Eeek! Dogs are not horses, and Splat is not a snack!!


Decided to try out flying instead. So i hopped a ride on the fan. Sigh, seems like there is no vehicle here that will get me around, the fan just goes in circles. Still, works pretty well as a roller coaster. Wheeeee!


OK, on to other pursuits. Max really likes to play video games, and I watched a con where they had a duel based out of Minecraft, so I thought I would give it a try. These controller buttons do not work well with unicorn hooves and so far this first scene does not seem too exciting. Humans are strange.



I can push little pieces around, so I challenged my friend Amelia to a chess tournament (Using Max’s favorite chess set). We had to break it up when we heard Max coming, but I would have totally won.


We didn’t get everything cleaned up in time, so I hid in with Erica’s fairies. Amelia and the gang would be way better at explaining than I would have anyways. Phew, I don’t think anyone spotted me.


That was a close call. I thought it might be best to stop doing all the things I am not supposed to. What a tiring day. How do other mischievous adventurers do it all? I decided to find out. I did some reading to learn from the best.


Lastly, to end my exhausting day but to still keep up with learning how to be an adventurer I settled in with a minion to watch his movie. They seem to be great at causing trouble!


The end.




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