SPLAT at Wonderworks and Ripleys

Proscalpin buy online The day after the beach I went to WonderWorks and Ripley’s museum. I had been hoping that on a weekday things would be less busy, but during the summer we saw camps that were spending time at both locations. Not so easy to get in much hands on time at WonderWorks then. It was a really hot day outside and so when I passed this heat detector, I had to find out if the heat was affecting me. 


Phew. Still relaxed and cool as can be. I spent time interacting with all sorts of display’s but getting enough time for a photo in the crowds was nearly impossible. Check out the website to see all the activities that we tried: WonderWorks. I made a full size imprint on a wall and learned so much about science.

My favorite moment was getting put inside of a bubble!! 

Ripleyspost (10) 

After WonderWorks I headed over to Ripley’s which was mych less crowded, and while it is not quite as interactive of a place I still had a great time. 

I met some of the most interesting characters and they were all nice enough to just let me sit there and say hi. 

Walking through the rooms can be disorienting just because of all of the wonderful displays, and then it gets even worse when you walk into a room that is tilted. 


Had to take a few breaks in that room, can’t quite walk in a straight line. 

When I finally got my wits back around me, I lost them again looking into a mirror. 


I always wondered what it would be like to be taller or shorter, but you know I think my normal size is just right. 

Although, then even my usual size got to feeling a little bit small. 

Ripleyspost (13) Ripleyspost (15) Ripleyspost (16)

Although it did not take too long to find some more appropriately sized places to relax. After all the walking and getting off balance it was a much needed break. 

What a long day, and I am only on day two of my vacation. Better rest my tires hooves and get ready for Universal and Epcot later this week. 


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