Splat at the Beach


To get all the way to Florida I went on my first plane ride! Kind of scary, but once we were flying I had the window seat and the view was amazing. It was hard to wait all 5 hours to get from Arizona to Florida but after a long day we finally made it. 


Our first day in Florida I spent at the Beach. There are crocodiles all over the place. I was afraid that I might meet one, and sure enough walking through the pier I saw one!


Luckily it was only a statue, but I did not want to take any more chances, time to get a scary disguise that would keep any predators away.


Wearing a big mask all day is not very practical at the beach. So I needed to just find some luck and maybe ask someone else to keep an eye on the beach for me. I finally found the perfect guardian, and we became fast friends. 


Great. Now that I was feeling much better about being at the beach I thought that I could start to explore. I started off trying a new fruity beach beverage and I got to keep the bucket that I could use later to sit and play on the beach. 


After sitting on the beach watching the water I was in awe of all of the surfers that I saw. That looked like so much fun! I wanted to try it, so I found a unicorn sized surf board and gave it a try. 


The waves were very rough and I was worried that I was going to get tossed around in the waves and sink, so I needed something that would help keep me above water. 


Perfect I found some floaties and I felt better. It was starting to get late and we needed to head home but before we left I saw a little fenced off area that made me never want to leave the beach. I really wanted to stay and wait until all the little eggs hatched. 


The sign said not to disturb, so I had to leave. I hope all the little turtles make it out ok. What a great day I had at the beach. 


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