SPLAT at Harry Potter World

Onward with my Florida Vacation. On the agenda today is going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure to see the magic of Harry Potter world. I have always wanted to see a real magical land, after all as a unicorn I fit right in. The first place that you arrive is London, so I got my bags all packed and got started on becoming a wizard-icorn.


I started in Diagon Alley and right away I was in awe of everything around me. I stopped at the first window and took a peek inside. 

HPpost (3)

A wand shop!!! I want one! My horn is great and all, but a real live wand? Even better I hear that the can wand even pick you! I had to go inside. 

HPpost (2)

SO many choices! A bit overwhelming if you ask me. No matter, I had to try one anyways – see if I get picked and what kind of magic I can make at the interactive spots throughout the park. 

HPpost (5)

Ok, so maybe people wands are not exactly my size. I guess I will just stick with my own magic. 

Maybe I could dress the part instead?

HPpost (4)

Well that fits better but if it covers my horn then it could mess with the magic that I do have. Next stop is to get rid of all this no good real money. 

HPpost (7)

Since I did not need any more supplies it was time to head on over to Hogwarts and Hogsmeade! 

I made it on the train, just like a real student. Time to explore and see if I can meet any famous faces. 

HPpost (11)

On my way off to the castle I saw a familiar face. Of course I had to try to help.

HPpost (6)

I gave Dobby what I had with me for a scarf, I wanted to make sure that he would be free and could go on his own adventures. 

I tried to make sure that I learned a bit about each Hogwarts house to see if I could get placed in one. So I did all my research before heading off the castle. 



Finally the moment I had been waiting for. Hogwarts castle. Just as beautiful as I imagined. I can’t believe I really got to see the castle. The pictures talk to you, and I even saw the entrance to Griffyndor. There was only a Quidditch game going on when I visited, so I did not get to see too far inside the castle, but it was still a great time. I even got a glimpse of Dumbledore, Harry and the whole gang!


Even if I did’t actually get to be a wizard, I sure felt at home in such a magical place. Magical Creatures fir right in walking around with all the students. Everyone was happy to see me, and so friendly. This is my favorite place that I have been to yet!

At the end of the day I even managed to get a wand that was more my style!


OK, so maybe it was made out of chocolate and did not do any magic. Still after a long hot day, it was a nice treat!

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