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We love these Blogs (and they have been helpful to us) so we recommend them!


More than Two – the blog is great all on it’s own, but the book is also a really great resource. 

-The Ethical Slut – this is a book that is really helpful for opening up sexually and for a different perspective on polyamory. 

-The Smart Girls Guide to Polyamory – this is a book that may be better for beginners. It has a good conversational tone, and good activities to get you thinking. 


Wandering Earl – this is the first Blog I found and still the best. This blog inspired me and made me commit more than anything else. – Johnny Ward

Travel Forever

Blog Academy – I still go back and use the tips here. This has been so useful for someone who has never built a blog before in getting us off the ground.

The sad truth is that for a woman there are some unique challenges and potential dangers that I will be facing so I find it really helpful if there is a woman in your group or you are a solo female traveler to get tips from women that have been there.

Indiana Jo

Gotta Keep Moving 

Of course we cover all or most of these same topics in this very blog. So click around, check out our categories and share us with your friends!

Thanks for wandering with me. 

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