Renaissance Festival IMG_2056The Phoenix Renaissance Festival is the only Renaissance Festival that I have ever gone to, and I try to go every year. For me the Renaissance Festival is a chance to do something so totally different from normal life that it can’t be missed. I always find the Renaissance festival to be inspiring, and this year as I was walking around I was thrilled to see so many people finding a way to do something they love. All the crafts that may seem strange, or that are outdated and not as profitable anymore are a passion for the people that are making them.> 20140215_114743 IMG_2171IMG_2105


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Who would think that things like clay dragon statues, wizard staffs, and chain mail would be a worthwhile way to spend a lot of your time? It turns out IMG_2132that if you are determined enough and talented enough any passion can be worthwhile. I can’t imagine that the belly dancers, whip performers, fire eaters, and jousters make enough money to be rich but they all seem happy – everyone at the festival this year struck me as happy because they get the chance to follow a passion. This may not be what they can do full time but they have found an outlet and for me this year that was they most beautiful part of the festival. Seeing a part of life that you may not see every day, but if you stop and watch any of the artists who work on site, or talk to any of the crafts people or performers and really pay attention to them – they radiate pride. Most salespeople that come up to you in a store and try to tell you a great deal or make a sale don’t have the same approach – I didn’t mind being talked to by any of the merchants – of course they want to make a sale – but they also want you to genuinely admire what they have.

This festival is also another place that people can jut let go, and have fun. People just being silly, naughty or playing a serious character are all in abundance and they are having a blast. Max and I love to dress up, even if we are not so much in Renaissance theme it is still enjoyable to just let loose and stop caring so much. I suggest dressing up, rent something from the festival if you don’t want to buy – but try out the experience. Who knows you may surprise yourself.


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