It’s Pride

go to site Going to Pride is always fun, it is always great to see so many people coming together and to walk around and talk to everyone. Phoenix is the biggest pride event that I have been to so far so I was very excited for the parade and the whole event in general. My first bit of advice though is to buy your tickets online in advance, the lines that you get to skip by doing that will save you a lot of time and frustration. I also recommend a lot of sunscreen, I always manage to come back burnt. I won’t say much more about the event itself except that everyone should go, but Pride is not the sort of event that I can review and change anyone’s minds. People will go and love it or not. sexy

After Pride Max and I ended up talking for awhile and I came to one really important realization. One of the biggest reason that I enjoy pride is not the colors, or the music or the merchandise but it is the PRIDE that you see everywhere. What I mean by that is the majority of the people that attend are proud of who they are, and are having a great time. It is really rare to see people being so comfortable in who they are. I am sure that everyone at these events has doubts, insecurities and difficulties in life but somehow they manage to put that away for a day or the whole weekend and just enjoy life, enjoy themselves and that is amazing to me. People that may not be classically attractive are still showing off and having a blast They feel safe enough in the environment to just really let go. I came away wishing that everyone could find a place that embraced them so much and could provide even a day that would allow for that much comfort.

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