Journey to Burning Man – take 3

buy viagra canada online As Burning Man gets closer and closer, I realize that no matter how much I read or research I am going to be unprepared. I have re arranged my checklists and bought way way more than I will use. Max and I keep finding thrift store items that we love, only to later realize that it will be no good on the playa and have to go back to square one. Planning for this trip is intense, and more than a bit overwhelming. download Sorry small car you can’t come. We need a Van.

We have opted to sleep in a van and have a shade structure and a tent for all of our stuff. The tent will get taped up to keep dust down, and we have plenty of ways to make the van more comfortable. Our biggest obstacle seems to be the shade structure. We got an EZup and want to use that, so we are reinforcing all the legs and frame with PVC pipe and using heavy rebar stakes. We will be documenting our set up and break down – so win or fail we will let you know step by step.
If we had found this idea earlier we would have gone this route because it seems like a great idea – The Monkey Hut.  Plus we have seen this recommended for Virgins as it is supposed to be fast and easy.

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It sound like it would have been easier to just join a theme camp, so why are we opting for the stress of going it alone?
As I have mentioned before Erica has some issues with anxiety and originally thought that it would be empowering to do it all ourselves. Imagine that feeling when we conquer the playa – it seemed like a good goal to strive for being that radical self reliance is one of the principals. I am hoping to come away feeling a bit accomplished, independent and strong.

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We also are hesitant to be tied to any one  place or schedule on our first year. I have no idea what to expect, and while I do want to volunteer and participate I want to wait and see what calls to me. I do not want to have a pre designated schedule or chores so that I can just follow all my whims and see where my adventure goes. Theme camps offer structure and basic needs but they ask for a contribution not just in money but in time and chores, which I do think is fair given what they provide, but I am not willing to have responsibility for anything other than myself on my first year.


We will be letting you all know how it all goes when we get back, with How – to and any tips we can find. I’ll be honest I have thought about selling my tickets more than a few tines I feel so overwhealmed, let’s hope this pays off. I find it helpful that so may burners will joke about the horrible prep and environment and complain about all sorts of things, but then remind us that they have been gong for many, many years. So despite the harshness and the stress people keep going back. Besides if all else fails I have a hotel in Reno booked that has an in room hot tub. so I can at least look forward to that.


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