Journey to Burning Man – take 2

visit here Oh my, when i bought the Burning Man tickets September was SO far away, now here I am with no more trips to go on until we leave for Black Rock City, and the tickets have arrived in the mail.


I am starting to be so very glad that I have spent more hours than I will ever admit reading all the blogs, tips and seeing all the videos I can find.  I feel like I may not be totally unprepared. My first step has been filling my cart on Amazon with everything I can find and then trimming back – then repeat. I live in a pretty small town so finding all the cool blinky, practical and inexpensive things is much easier online.

a_uni_2750bl_blueunicorn_01_2Warm and Adorable. Yay Amazon!

The next part of my plan has been going to thrift shops, if I am planning on most of what I bring being at least somewhat destroyed I do not want to spend loads of money, and trying to find the most outrageous things at a thrift shop is the best treasure hunt. The Goodwill in Arizona and a few stops in San Diego and I think we are well on our way to being set.

20150723_183306 Seriously, this was $1.

Now the logistics of getting there. Renting an RV looks to be in the neighborhood of 2,000 and above, and even renting a U-haul is .59 cents per mile (700 miles or so to BRC) plus the rental fee. So we have opted to squeeze it all into our little car. Adding a roof storage rack, and some bike racks on the top and we are pretty confident that we can fit everything. Fingers crossed. We will update on how that went, and tell our (hopefully success) stories of tent camping with inflatable furniture.

Now being the planner that I am I have check lists for days, I want a packing list for everything and a To Do list a mile long, So just in case anyone else is a crazy planner like me I have posted my lists so far. I have a packing list and a comprehensive To Do list spanning months. I will keep this updated as we go, and will finalize what I can when we get back. (Just in case something doesn’t work I can take that off the list. You benefit from my mistakes!!)

20150724_184917 36 technically, but I was testing it.


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