Journey to Burning Man – take 1

visit the website Max and I managed to get tickets to Burning Man this year!!!  My first bit of advice is to buy your tickets early – do the pre sale. It is more expensive but i did not hear any complaints about trying to get those tickets. If you do opt for the general sale make sure you are logged in and ready to go early. Refresh the page, and don’t be even a second late and you MAY have a chance for some tickets.

So needless to say we are excited. How excited? Well the night we got the tickets I couldn’t sleep I was so excited. I have manages to read wayyyyy too many articles about Burning Man and already have filled my amazon cart with anything I think I could need over and over again. We have also gotten started on making our gratitude gifts, which is a fun project. It seems my brain is on an all Burning Man all the time channel. Beyond being excited I am more than a little nervous.




Max and I are deciding to forgo joining a camp and we are going to camp alone so that we have more freedom to explore and meet people, So survival camping for two it is. I also have found out that you need a bike to get around, now this may not seem like a big deal, but I have terrible Car anxiety and bikes are affected as well, So for me this is a huge deal. So far I have bought a bike and managed to ride around a little bit in my neighborhood. The plan is to ride to work as soon as I am up to it. (I am determined to have this b less than a month away) Added bonus to that is we will get in better shape by the time we get there.

20150222_173227 By the time this sees Burning Man it will be either a Unicorn or a Dragon.

In order to be as prepared as possible I have also been supplementing the Burning Man website planning with videos from Halcyon. He has some really great tips and I can not wait to check out PinkHeart camp and give him a hug. I reccomend checking hom out, wheather you are a Virgin like me or a repeat burner he has advice for all.

Is anyone else going to Burning Man this year? Any tips for a Burner Virgin? Maybe we will see you there!! Keep an eye out for the glowing wandeingwithME camp flag and that’s us!!

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