Our first time visiting Epcot

For both Max and me this was our first time visiting Epcot. I had heard a little bit about what to expect but actually going and walking around was so much better that I had imagined. We arrived at the park around 11am and left when they were closing at 9pm and still did not get to see the entire place. We had to rush a few of the places, and skip some of the shows just to be able to get in all that we did. So I suggest at least 2 days to take in all that the park has to offer. 


I will say that we were very impressed, we had such a great time. The first bit of our day was spent in the front of the park doing the Imaginarium and the rides. I had no idea that Epcot was a science center as well, and I was thrilled to learn some of the sustainability projects that are being worked on. The boat ride through the Living with the Land greenhouse was really interesting and if I had more time I would have loved to do the walking tour that is also offered. This tour through exotic plants, food and types of farming is also located in the same building as the 4D Hang glider experience. Also something that we had a lot of fun doing. Apparently the most popular attraction at Epcot and it was not hard to see why. I personally would not put it as my number one attraction but it is not something to skip. A fun view of the world wonders while comfortably suspended from the ceiling. 


Similarly if you are a fan of animals there is also an aquarium that had not only a great opportunity to see a wide variety of animals, but also had rehabilitation centers that you could learn a lot from. We stumbled on this area somewhat by accident after we went on the Finding Nemo ride, so even if the ride is not what you are looking for the aquarium floor is still worth a visit. 

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I had no idea what was in the iconic Epcot dome, but I had to go inside anyways. Inside is a ride that goes through technology from past to future and then lets you out into a discovery center. It had been pouring when we went to the dome, and when we got out the weather had cleared up enough to allow for the rest of the day exploring. 


We wanted to have at least a snack in each of the country showcases, but we ended up getting too full less than halfway through in China. What we did try was all really delicious though, I loved the dessert snacks in Norway so much. 

We started in Mexico and after a quick snack of nachos we almost just kept going. Right as we were heading into the next area I saw a sign outside of the temple building for a boat ride, and at this point in the day we were not crunched for time and I wanted to do it all. So into the temple we went. I am so glad that we decided to do this ride, inside the temple is so much more than just the boats. The Mexico attraction and experience is almost all inside the temple building. We saw live music, shops and all the great decor. The boat ride was probably my least favorite part of going inside, and I would still say that Mexico was probably my favorite experience all day.


    The world showcase is amazing, and a bit overwhelming. I had hoped for a little bit more interactive places and rides / shows. The majority of the showcase is restaurants and gift shops. So choose what you want to eat carefully or you may miss the places that excite you the most. I had a great time marveling at all of the different settings that were available but the majority of where we got too see the ambiance and decor was inside themed gift shops. The architecture is in theme, however beyond that it is all inside.

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    So keep that in mind when you go – if you like to window shop and just admire then this is the place for you. If you are looking for interactive you may not enjoy Epcot quite as much. We did see places for some shows in the American and Canadian areas. We were running out of time so we had to skip the shows but we heard good things. Disney does not tend to disappoint on the shows so I’m sure they are well done. 


    I wish we’d had more time to spend, or maybe more days so that we could break up the experience and not be so full, sore and exhausted by the end. Despite the rain though, we still had a great day. I think that Epcot is one of the more unique experiences and parks that I ever been to. If you are able to break up the days the entrance has a boat that can take you to the area that you left off and save you the walk in the heat (or in our case the rain.) 



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