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10 truths of traveling with anxiety

buy dapoxetine 60mg discover this info here So, I have pretty bad anxiety of all sorts, and anyone with anxiety knows that it is a constant struggle. Every day living gets a bit more challenging when everything makes me stressed and anxious. I am lucky that I have a great support in Max, but I still face some unique additions to my travel life. Don’t get me wrong it is not all bad – and I have learned to adapt. I try to jokingly refer to my anxiety as a superpower, and every superpower comes with drawback or weakness right? So here just a few of the things that I have noticed come with living a travel heavy life and having anxiety. if-only_i_had_superpowers


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Well 2015 has been one heck of a year. This poor blog has suffered a bit, we have been too busy doing things to really talk about them. I have a list, a timeline and it is in my plan to get it all written up. So what’s the hold up? Well it seems that I miss being so busy. Max and I could not wait to stop for a minute, to take a breather from going somewhere for a change. Yet, now we’re taking that breather and I am…..bored? My normal routine is not as fulfilling as I has hoped, and being un-fulfilled is making it difficult to be creative or to do the things that I should be doing. So it seems that I have fallen into a bit of a rut.


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This weekend my stay in town plans fell apart so cue a “Well let’s go somewhere” kind of moment. Spontaneity, right? The original plan was to just pick a general direction, get in the car and go and just see what happens. Just a no stress, no destination trip. Sounds great right? I thought so! So, why then did I right away get on the computer and look up things to do in that general direction? Now instead of a go where the road takes us trip we have several destinations and hotel ideas. While we are both excited about where we ended up finding and the places that we are going to visit are places we have never been before, I am sad that I couldn’t just be spontaneous. So, the just get in and go trip has been put off to another weekend.


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Why travel?

A lot of people ask about this crazy traveling all the time idea that I have, so here is a brief explanation of why I’m traveling. This idea and reasons will likely be revisited more than once in other blog posts but an introduction is always nice. So why travel?

First off, I hate feeling defeated. I have two useless majors, and I will probably never be rich, so what now? I need to find other ways to enjoy my life, and I need to give myself the time to create. Everyone always tells you that money can not buy happiness, but it seems that no one ever listens. Well I am going to listen –  I am going to find my own success. I am going to do the best I can to make sure that I don’t end up with many regrets when I am old. One of the top regrets of the dying is that they worked too much – if I end up without a lot of money but I have great memories and experiences I don’t think I will regret that. Having stable money in old age is not guaranteed anyways but having incredible memories is something that I will never be able to lose (well, unless i lose my memory I suppose but I’m trying to be somewhat optimistic).  Continue reading Why travel?



A little introduction to what our Blog will be about.

This is our Blog, where we will be updating our experiences, and the things we see. Max and Erica have similar views and interests but we differ enough that often times we will be posting twice about a place that we visit, one from each of us. This way we can offer our unique perspectives and give you a little more insight into our experiences. We be able to touch on gender issues a bit as there will be times that will impact our experiences. Continue reading Introduction