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Renaissance Festival

buy cheap Keppra online IMG_2056The Phoenix Renaissance Festival is the only Renaissance Festival that I have ever gone to, and I try to go every year. For me the Renaissance Festival is a chance to do something so totally different from normal life that it can’t be missed. I always find the Renaissance festival to be inspiring, and this year as I was walking around I was thrilled to see so many people finding a way to do something they love. All the crafts that may seem strange, or that are outdated and not as profitable anymore are a passion for the people that are making them. 20140215_114743 IMG_2171IMG_2105

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My favorite store in Jerome is the kaleidoscope shop. This is the biggest shop in the US(maybe even the world) and it is not a place you want to miss. The staff is really friendly and they are more than happy to show you around. Ask which kaleidoscope they favor and they will show you something that you may have missed on your own. Get your camera out for photos through the lenses, and ask for a picture of yourself before you go -this makes for a really unique souvenir.
For more information check out the official website:

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Town on the edge

What is a Town on the edge? I am always nervous when recommending Jerome, because it seems that there is not much here. Jerome is a blink and you missed it small town, but with a closer look and an open mind this is actually a really neat place to visit.

You probably will not need more than a few hours to spend here, so I typically will head down in the later afternoon or early morning to avoid the hotter parts of the day.

Jerome is an old mining town and the buildings and houses all sit precariously on the edge of the mountain. Jerome has great views but is not for someone who is opposed to a lot of walking, there are hills and stairs everywhere. The entire time you are perched on the side of a mountain, don’t look out some of the windows if your afraid of heights!! I like Jerome for the landscape views and for the haunted history, the Asylum hotel is still on my to do list as a place to stay overnight (so far I have only managed day trips out there) and you can take a number of tours that showcase the haunted aspects of the town. Continue reading Town on the edge

It’s Pride

Going to Pride is always fun, it is always great to see so many people coming together and to walk around and talk to everyone. Phoenix is the biggest pride event that I have been to so far so I was very excited for the parade and the whole event in general. My first bit of advice though is to buy your tickets online in advance, the lines that you get to skip by doing that will save you a lot of time and frustration. I also recommend a lot of sunscreen, I always manage to come back burnt. I won’t say much more about the event itself except that everyone should go, but Pride is not the sort of event that I can review and change anyone’s minds. People will go and love it or not.


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Into the Lava Tubes

Just outside Flagstaff if you are heading towards Snowbowl you can find the Lave tubes. So is it worth it to head into the tubes?


I did this hike in a dress and boots -and I made it, but i don’t recommend anyone else trying it that way! I managed to get by without any more than a few scrapes and I had a sweater so I stayed warm enough but I would recommend wearing long pants for this hike. The entrance is the hardest part, so don’t let that scare you out of going in the rest of the way because after you climb down and really get into the cave the ground evens out and does not get as difficult again. Bring a sweater and a headlamp – I had a hand held flashlight and i was wishing for a headlamp several times.

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