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After Burning Man – The Survival In some of my posts I mentioned being very overwhelmed and looking forward to the hopeful feeling of accomplishment for not joining a camp. Well I can say that we for sure feel accomplished, we survived. We were prepared enough that despite the worst dust and wind in 5 years our camp remained standing and we had enough supplies, food and water to give some away toward the end of the week. I am glad that we did it the hard way once, but let me emphasize once. When we go back we will go in an RV and with a larger camp. Save yourself the stress – these options are expensive, but getting everything you need to try to hack it the hard way was not exactly cheap. Besides, the money we saved we paid for in stress. Take the easier way, it would have saved us so many tears and would not have taken anything away from the experience. You will hardly ever be at your camp (unless you have schedules at a theme camp) but not dealing with the wind, dust and being comfortable when you do want to rest is worth it’s weight in gold.

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Journey to Burning Man – take 3

As Burning Man gets closer and closer, I realize that no matter how much I read or research I am going to be unprepared. I have re arranged my checklists and bought way way more than I will use. Max and I keep finding thrift store items that we love, only to later realize that it will be no good on the playa and have to go back to square one. Planning for this trip is intense, and more than a bit overwhelming.

download Sorry small car you can’t come. We need a Van.

We have opted to sleep in a van and have a shade structure and a tent for all of our stuff. The tent will get taped up to keep dust down, and we have plenty of ways to make the van more comfortable. Our biggest obstacle seems to be the shade structure. We got an EZup and want to use that, so we are reinforcing all the legs and frame with PVC pipe and using heavy rebar stakes. We will be documenting our set up and break down – so win or fail we will let you know step by step.
If we had found this idea earlier we would have gone this route because it seems like a great idea – The Monkey Hut.  Plus we have seen this recommended for Virgins as it is supposed to be fast and easy.

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Journey to Burning Man – take 2

Oh my, when i bought the Burning Man tickets September was SO far away, now here I am with no more trips to go on until we leave for Black Rock City, and the tickets have arrived in the mail.


I am starting to be so very glad that I have spent more hours than I will ever admit reading all the blogs, tips and seeing all the videos I can find.  I feel like I may not be totally unprepared. My first step has been filling my cart on Amazon with everything I can find and then trimming back – then repeat. I live in a pretty small town so finding all the cool blinky, practical and inexpensive things is much easier online.

a_uni_2750bl_blueunicorn_01_2Warm and Adorable. Yay Amazon!

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Journey to Burning Man – take 1

Max and I managed to get tickets to Burning Man this year!!!  My first bit of advice is to buy your tickets early – do the pre sale. It is more expensive but i did not hear any complaints about trying to get those tickets. If you do opt for the general sale make sure you are logged in and ready to go early. Refresh the page, and don’t be even a second late and you MAY have a chance for some tickets.

So needless to say we are excited. How excited? Well the night we got the tickets I couldn’t sleep I was so excited. I have manages to read wayyyyy too many articles about Burning Man and already have filled my amazon cart with anything I think I could need over and over again. We have also gotten started on making our gratitude gifts, which is a fun project. It seems my brain is on an all Burning Man all the time channel. Beyond being excited I am more than a little nervous.



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Renaissance Festival

IMG_2056The Phoenix Renaissance Festival is the only Renaissance Festival that I have ever gone to, and I try to go every year. For me the Renaissance Festival is a chance to do something so totally different from normal life that it can’t be missed. I always find the Renaissance festival to be inspiring, and this year as I was walking around I was thrilled to see so many people finding a way to do something they love. All the crafts that may seem strange, or that are outdated and not as profitable anymore are a passion for the people that are making them.

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My favorite store in Jerome is the kaleidoscope shop. This is the biggest shop in the US(maybe even the world) and it is not a place you want to miss. The staff is really friendly and they are more than happy to show you around. Ask which kaleidoscope they favor and they will show you something that you may have missed on your own. Get your camera out for photos through the lenses, and ask for a picture of yourself before you go -this makes for a really unique souvenir.
For more information check out the official website:

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Town on the edge

What is a Town on the edge? I am always nervous when recommending Jerome, because it seems that there is not much here. Jerome is a blink and you missed it small town, but with a closer look and an open mind this is actually a really neat place to visit.

You probably will not need more than a few hours to spend here, so I typically will head down in the later afternoon or early morning to avoid the hotter parts of the day.

Jerome is an old mining town and the buildings and houses all sit precariously on the edge of the mountain. Jerome has great views but is not for someone who is opposed to a lot of walking, there are hills and stairs everywhere. The entire time you are perched on the side of a mountain, don’t look out some of the windows if your afraid of heights!! I like Jerome for the landscape views and for the haunted history, the Asylum hotel is still on my to do list as a place to stay overnight (so far I have only managed day trips out there) and you can take a number of tours that showcase the haunted aspects of the town. Continue reading Town on the edge



A little introduction to what our Blog will be about.

This is our Blog, where we will be updating our experiences, and the things we see. Max and Erica have similar views and interests but we differ enough that often times we will be posting twice about a place that we visit, one from each of us. This way we can offer our unique perspectives and give you a little more insight into our experiences. We be able to touch on gender issues a bit as there will be times that will impact our experiences. Continue reading Introduction