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SPLAT at Harry Potter World Onward with my Florida Vacation. On the agenda today is going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure to see the magic of Harry Potter world. I have always wanted to see a real magical land, after all as a unicorn I fit right in. The first place that you arrive is London, so I got my bags all packed and got started on becoming a wizard-icorn.


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SPLAT at Wonderworks and Ripleys

The day after the beach I went to WonderWorks and Ripley’s museum. I had been hoping that on a weekday things would be less busy, but during the summer we saw camps that were spending time at both locations. Not so easy to get in much hands on time at WonderWorks then. It was a really hot day outside and so when I passed this heat detector, I had to find out if the heat was affecting me. 


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SPLAT Hanging out at Home

We are between trips for a little over two weeks, and I have been a bit restless. So today I decided to do something about it. It’s entirely possible that I got up to some mischief and may have caused some trouble, but hey, I had fun.

Technically I am not supposed to drive my tank in the house, but I thought I had things well under control… that is until I crashed into the dog bed. Oops, at least no one was sleeping on it at the time. Time to abandon the scene and find a new way to get around.

20160612_132005 20160612_132020

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SPLAT Phoenix Comic con 2016

I had been lost since Burning Man and missed several cool trips, but finally I managed to make it out of the closet and back into action. My first stop was a not so quick rinse in the hotel sink, playa dust just does not come off very easily. Got to admire the view from our 24th story room while drying off too!


Then I was fastened to the front of a bag  (FRONT. Really where else does the most important mascot belong?) and off on an adventure!
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Expectations vs Reality: Saguaro Man

We had never been to a local burn before, had never even heard of them until we went to the Big burn. I guess we jumped right into the deep end – so since we did this journey slightly backwards I thought I would try to compare what we expected a small burn to be like vs what it was actually like. After all good or bad, reality never quite matches up with what you expect.

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Saguaro Man 2016

This was a tough burn.

We woke up early in the morning with our car already packed and ready to go on our next adventure. A two hour drive finally got us to the dirt road leading into the event. At first the dirt road felt abandoned; but we soon started seeing funny signs and helpful directions to Double Dolphin Farm. It was a bit rough of a dirt road but even our small car with all the weight still made it through.

As soon as we reached the gates we knew that we were at a burn, the greeters were friendly, welcoming and wonderful people. We got our map, list of events and our first gift. Then as first time Saguaro Man attendees we got to ring the bell. (Or if your Max, slam the bell more like a gong. That’s ok though, Erica got to ring it twice). Finding our spot was tricky, and since we arrived early on day one the “great” spot we chose ended up getting buried behind other camps.

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Well 2015 has been one heck of a year. This poor blog has suffered a bit, we have been too busy doing things to really talk about them. I have a list, a timeline and it is in my plan to get it all written up. So what’s the hold up? Well it seems that I miss being so busy. Max and I could not wait to stop for a minute, to take a breather from going somewhere for a change. Yet, now we’re taking that breather and I am…..bored? My normal routine is not as fulfilling as I has hoped, and being un-fulfilled is making it difficult to be creative or to do the things that I should be doing. So it seems that I have fallen into a bit of a rut.


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After Burning Man – The Art

This year the theme at Burning Man was A Carnival of Mirrors. Which sounds like it would be a light hearted adventure. While I did get to walk through some mazes and play some carnival games at the midway – there was a much deeper side to the theme. Most of the art pieces that I encountered invited the viewer to look within at who they want to be, and compare that to who they are on the outside. I really enjoyed this sort of self-reflection since I really strive to go after what you want . I did hear, however some grumblings that perhaps this was too intense for the casual party burner.


Max and I spent a good amount of time interacting with the art, we rang gongs, wrote messages and climbed things.

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