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Why I am Polyamorous

buy Keppra online cheap One of the most common questions that I get when talking about polyamory is why I feel that it is best for me. Well, to sum it up I would say the freedom to let my life and the people that I meet develop however they will. I want to live life the fullest way possible, and for me polyamory is a big part of that. There is a lot to it, and I will explore it as I post more, but this is a start!

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10 truths of traveling with anxiety

So, I have pretty bad anxiety of all sorts, and anyone with anxiety knows that it is a constant struggle. Every day living gets a bit more challenging when everything makes me stressed and anxious. I am lucky that I have a great support in Max, but I still face some unique additions to my travel life. Don’t get me wrong it is not all bad – and I have learned to adapt. I try to jokingly refer to my anxiety as a superpower, and every superpower comes with drawback or weakness right? So here just a few of the things that I have noticed come with living a travel heavy life and having anxiety. if-only_i_had_superpowers


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Phoenix ComicCon 2014- Experience

We just bought tickets to PCC 2016 –  and so to celebrate here are my thoughts from the first time we attended. More thoughts to come!


Similar to my thoughts on Phoenix pride, one of my favorite things about being at ComicCon was the freedom of everyone to express themselves. Apparently my new thing is seeing people be comfortable showing off who they are. It seems that everyone is IMG952280accepted at ComicCon, no matter what you dress up as people engage in each others interests. Even if you don’t dress up (We didn’t) seeing everyone in costume can be enough, and some of the more outgoing participants will include you. Max was just wearing a t-shirt with Deadpool (a popular comic book character) and a costumed Deadpool walked by remarking “I’m on your tits!” and then posed for a photo with him.

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Phoenix ComicCon 2014 – Place and Time


We just bought tickets to PCC 2016 –  and so to celebrate here are my thoughts from the first time we attended. More thoughts to come!


Going to Phoenix ComicCon was well worth it, I had never been to a ComicCon before but I think i may now be hooked!

My first bit of advice is to  buy your tickets online – the lines that you get to skip are a huge time and stress saver. I also say book early this event is getting more and more popular every year and they almost sold out this year – you can also get much better hotel location if you grab things way in advance. Save yourself the hassle (and cost) of parking or transportation and get close enough to walk.

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Phoenix ComicCon 2014- Panels and People

We just bought tickets to PCC 2016 –  and so to celebrate here are my thoughts from the first time we attended. More thoughts to come!


I was really looking forward to the panel discussions and before we left for ComicCon I had almost every day booked back to back with panels to see. Turns out the panels were pretty disappointing. For the casual discussion topics it was really hard to hear any comments, or crowd contribution, the topics were pretty unorganized and did not present DSC00170much information at all. The best panels were the ones listed in the Writers Epic Quest – especially since Max and I are both aspiring writers- however these also left much to be desired. Much of the time the writing panels spent too much time on the authors and what they wanted to sell you than teaching anything, and they were often too casual. There was one panel tagged as how to write erotic scenes in books that was literally just an innuendo game the entire time.

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After Burning Man – The Community & After

Burning Man is an art festival, it is an adult nudist sex festival, it is a hippie retreat, a spiritual journey – it is anything and everything you want it to be. However for me, more than anything, it is a community and a feeling. My absolute favorite part of Burning Man was the people, the connections and the open minded and accepting nature of everyone you encounter.

Taking money and expectations out of your encounters with people allows every interaction to be genuine. I met a man from Lithuania who just wanted to marvel at the size of cars and offer us some traditional moonshine. Everyone has built and is offering an experience just for the joy of giving it away – just for the moment of making someone happy. For someone who can be a shy as I am, feeling welcomed into every tent and conversation was a magical experience. I have never felt more comfortable than I did at Burning Man.

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This weekend my stay in town plans fell apart so cue a “Well let’s go somewhere” kind of moment. Spontaneity, right? The original plan was to just pick a general direction, get in the car and go and just see what happens. Just a no stress, no destination trip. Sounds great right? I thought so! So, why then did I right away get on the computer and look up things to do in that general direction? Now instead of a go where the road takes us trip we have several destinations and hotel ideas. While we are both excited about where we ended up finding and the places that we are going to visit are places we have never been before, I am sad that I couldn’t just be spontaneous. So, the just get in and go trip has been put off to another weekend.


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It’s Pride

Going to Pride is always fun, it is always great to see so many people coming together and to walk around and talk to everyone. Phoenix is the biggest pride event that I have been to so far so I was very excited for the parade and the whole event in general. My first bit of advice though is to buy your tickets online in advance, the lines that you get to skip by doing that will save you a lot of time and frustration. I also recommend a lot of sunscreen, I always manage to come back burnt. I won’t say much more about the event itself except that everyone should go, but Pride is not the sort of event that I can review and change anyone’s minds. People will go and love it or not.


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Into the Lava Tubes

Just outside Flagstaff if you are heading towards Snowbowl you can find the Lave tubes. So is it worth it to head into the tubes?


I did this hike in a dress and boots -and I made it, but i don’t recommend anyone else trying it that way! I managed to get by without any more than a few scrapes and I had a sweater so I stayed warm enough but I would recommend wearing long pants for this hike. The entrance is the hardest part, so don’t let that scare you out of going in the rest of the way because after you climb down and really get into the cave the ground evens out and does not get as difficult again. Bring a sweater and a headlamp – I had a hand held flashlight and i was wishing for a headlamp several times.

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Why travel?

A lot of people ask about this crazy traveling all the time idea that I have, so here is a brief explanation of why I’m traveling. This idea and reasons will likely be revisited more than once in other blog posts but an introduction is always nice. So why travel?

First off, I hate feeling defeated. I have two useless majors, and I will probably never be rich, so what now? I need to find other ways to enjoy my life, and I need to give myself the time to create. Everyone always tells you that money can not buy happiness, but it seems that no one ever listens. Well I am going to listen –  I am going to find my own success. I am going to do the best I can to make sure that I don’t end up with many regrets when I am old. One of the top regrets of the dying is that they worked too much – if I end up without a lot of money but I have great memories and experiences I don’t think I will regret that. Having stable money in old age is not guaranteed anyways but having incredible memories is something that I will never be able to lose (well, unless i lose my memory I suppose but I’m trying to be somewhat optimistic).  Continue reading Why travel?