The Most Amazing Phoenix Comicon Post Ever…2014

We just bought tickets to PCC 2016 –  and so to celebrate here are my thoughts from the first time we attended. More thoughts to come!


This is it. If you’re a nerd, geek, fan boy, or fan girl then comicon has to be on your bucket list, right? So does Phoenix Comicon stack up against the rest? Should you just save your money and go to San Diego instead? Well honestly I’m not qualified to answer that for two reasons:

  1. Phoenix Comicon is my first and only comicon experience.
  2. My verdict would be the opinion of a 24 year old super geek who apparently has a Batman problem.


Side note: there is no such thing as a Batman problem even though my best friend is convinced and throwing me an intervention…I just hope her intervention banner has a Batman logo.

Onward to my Phoenix Comicon experience. So after about 10 seconds of walking around the con I was convinced… this was the most amazing event I had ever been too! The people were excited, there was energy to whole the thing, and from one room to the next everyone was just having a great time. The costumes had flair and style that evoked humor, brought out your inner nerd, or just brought you back with some good old nostalgia.DSC00104  I mean I saw Ninja Turtles, I saw Batman, I saw Bender from Futurama, I saw Batman, I even saw a Predator (or maybe just a guy with dreads he was pretty far away). From princesses and wizards to Storm troopers and the Tardis; this event had something for everyone. I have to say if it were a competition I think the ladies stole my vote in this one with my favorite costumes going to a steam punk fairy and a zombie Barbie. Both original, creative, and down right awesome costumes.
Small tip on the costumes there are no lockers or storage of any kind for your props. I saw an excellent Heisenberg with a yellow jumpsuit and a tub full of blue rocks. As cool as his outfit was I’m assuming he carried that blue tub everywhere with him, all day. So bring a prop you can clip to your belt, fit in a backpack, or just deal with; that choice is up to you. If you have a hotel near the con you could spend a few hours with a large prop  and then walk it back to your IMG_2282place of temporary dwelling. Your tickets get you a badge that allows you to come and go as you please. Just make sure not to lose that badge; I’m not even sure if there are ways to get another one. If you are planning to start your Comicon late at night, since some events are at midnight or later, make sure to check registration times as they stop giving out badges much earlier . My last bit of advice is that this event is growing more and more each year so get your stuff early! This includes getting tickets and hotel rooms as well as showing up to programs you want to see early. You don’t want to be rushing to a panel you absolutely can’t miss just to get there and find out its already at capacity.
So to answer my earlier question: Was Phoenix Comicon worth it? Well unless you skipped to the end and didn’t read my entire article you already got the answer. The Phoenix Comicon was spectacular and I highly recommend it. The convention center ran the event superbly and offered a huge list of activities; with an outstanding participation for everyone. Whether you were dressed up or not it still somehow felt like a completely different world. I got to see a giant Lego city, set pieces of Star Wars, I took a picture fighting a Balrog,IMG_0009-5 and watched knights combat each other in full armor (real combat!). There was even a knight girl in full armor fighting guys twice her size; she was tough, cute, and awesome all at the same time (my hero).  So go book your rooms now for the next Phoenix Comicon or the nearest Comicon in your area and live out a few days of fantasy.

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