About ME

Our site buy Premarin online pharmacy Who the heck are we? Why are we doing this? and why if there are two of us does everything say ME?

Well, 20140322_141604Max  and Erica are a couple who love living life to the absolute fullest, and generally end up taking the off beat path. Our purpose in life is To live, to experience, to be happy.  Whatever form that takes, and wherever that takes us we try to go for it. 

ME stands for Max and Erica. We are two unique and separate people with different ideas, but we are also together in life. We wanted to make sure we represent both ideas.

Two travel lovers who just want to experience new places and things. We are a polyamorous couple that is passionate about the lifestyle and what it has brought to our lives. We have no kids (but have two dogs!) and are very much in love with the crazy life that we have chosen. 

So a little bit about each of us…. Max I grew up in the dry desert of Las Vegas. I am a bit of a geek at times but totally the fun one of the duo (don’t tell Erica I said that!!). I had a childhood of video games, movies, comic books, exciting sci-fi stories, and video games. Now don’t get me wrong I love all these things, my hobbies are important parts of who I am, however you don’t get to truly experience life from a screen. I want to see what this big rock we all live on has to offer with my own eyes; and what “life” truly means. This is why I’ve developed such a strong desire to travel our world. I want a life that has no boundaries and no destination; just one long journey. As for a little bit of info about me as traveler well for one thing I have a fascination with man-made marvels; so look for me to mention more about dams, skyscrapers, and bridges than mountain ranges. I leave the nature stuff mostly to Erica. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate nature; in fact I have a love for water whether its swimming pools, lakes, oceans, hot springs, or waterfalls I’ll be looking for any sweet hidden oasis that’s out there. So with a drive to fulfill my wonder and curiosity I’m embarking on a quest with my best friend to live my dream. Hopefully if you follow us we can inspire you to do the same.

Erica I am originally from St. Thomas, VI. Growing up on such a small island made me a wanderlust from as far back as I can remember. I always wanted to see what else was out there,  I knew that there was so much more to experience and I wanted to do it all. That desire has never left me! I have tried living in a number of different states in an attempt to find somewhere that I would be content to settle. So far AZ has done the best job but I think it is also inevitable I will go see the world. At this point I can either choose to settle in or I can drop everything and make my own path. Knowing that settling will lead to a lot of regret for me I am going with making my own way. I am nature lover and I want to see all the awe that the world has to offer for myself. I am also a writer and so combining my strong desire to travel with my love of writing is just the logical next step. I usually write fiction / fantasy or poetry so a blog is something new to me, but I am finding that it is fun so far. Oh, and I would say that I’m the fun one – but the REAL fun one wouldn’t have to announce it. I guess you will just have to be the judge of the truth.  


20160602_114825 and introducing SPLAT! 

Splat is our Unicorn “mascot” that made his debut at Burning Man and we enjoyed taking pictures with him, so we cleaned him up and now he travels with us. Keep an eye out for posts and updates on his adventures as well. Perhaps even some wardrobe updates and enhancements. We settled on the name Splat because of the paint splatters all over, but also because if you drop him, he tends to splat on his head. 

Always Wandering. Always Home.